Our adoration to the Collie began approximately 10 years ago.


We bought our first collie, Sty in may 2001. She was a beautiful tricolor bitch. At that time we only knew a collie’s temper from descriptions. When Sty’s individuality started to evolve we more and more came to know the breed. This was the period that determined our relation to the collie for a lifetime. Sty was a well trainable, clever, intelligent dog with a deep affection for the family. She loved to be with us. Unfortunately we lost her in 2007.
In a few weeks time we realized that we cannot live without a collie. That was the time when we met István Csernyik (Seven-Stone Collie Kennel), with whom we are still in close friendship. With his help, we found Kata Garda (Marrow Collie Kenel) and we bought our second bitch, Maya from her. We weren’t dissapointed, she was a good choice! About this time we started to visit dog beauty pageant, first only as guests and later as exhibitors.
We wanted to find a mate for Maya and in 2007 August, at Judit Korózs-Papp (Silver Dream Collie Kennel), we found a real gem, Shelby. Shelby glorified not only Maya’s days, but also ours. While we were watching the two dogs playing in the garden, an idea was getting stronger that we want more collies and more and more collies. This directly led to the founding of a kennel.
We have liked the blue-merle colour from the very beginning. One thing led to the other, since in October 2008 (Seven-Stone Collie Kennel) a blue and tricolor litter was born at István. Due to the closeness of the two kennels, we were able to follow the growing up of the puppies week by week. That is how we came by Memphis, who was a real gift for Christmas. Memphis, being the only boar, has beautiful days with the two motherly bitches.

We would like to thank Kata Garda, Judit Korózs-Papp and István Csernyik, because the dogs, coming from them make our days amazing.

See pictures of our days in the gallery.